Animal Health

Note that we are a LICENSED Animal Medicine Sales retailer and have all your wormers and vaccines as well.


Bandaging Materials True Flex Elastic Bandage
Healing Creams, Ointments, Powders & Sprays BioGel
Mane ‘n Tail Protect Skin/Wound Cream
Iodine Betadine
Iodine 7% (473.12 ml)
Liniments & Ice Treatments Absorbine Liniment (475 ml)
Dynamint Muscle Balm (237 ml)
EEP Pro Rub Premium Liniment (1 pt)
Mane ‘n Tail Mineral Ice (454 g)
Rio Vista Cool Blue Liniment (473 ml)
Miscellaneous Farnam Clear Eyes (103 ml)
Natural Remedies Riva’s Allerg Ease
Riva’s Calm Aid Anxiety Relief
Riva’s Colic Aid
Riva’s First Aid Remedy
Riva’s Flu & Fever Ease
Riva’s Gastricol
Riva’s Injur-Ease (50 ml)
Riva’s Spray Way (1 l)
Riva’s Tea Tree Oil
T-Zone Healing Cream for Pets
Tea Pro Wound Spray (473 ml)
Poultice Bickmore Super H Poultice (5 lb)
Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements Buckley’s Zev (100 ml)
Finish Line Trailer-ADE
Pureform Glucosamine Plus (1.5 kg)
Pureform Glucosamine Plus (6 kg)
Pureform MSM (300 g)
Pureform Performance One (All in One) (2 kg)
Pureform Pure Glucosamine HCL (300 g)
Pureform Pure Glucosamine HCL (1.5 kg)

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